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  Parent Work Contract  
NYF Parent Work Contact      

Parent Work Contract: A parent/guardian of any exhibitor exhibiting a project at the Needville Youth Fair (excluding Bucket Calf) is required to work a minimum of four (4) hours per family. If a parent/guardian cannot work the 4 hours, they may ask a family member or friend to work for them; all workers must be 16 or older. It is the Parent’s responsibility to find a replacement. No-shows will result in $150.00 deduction from sale check. A schedule for sign-up and viewing (Sign-Up Genius) will be available on the website March 1st. Parents/Guardians must sign up on or before April 1st. Parents/ Guardians of exhibitors choosing not to work a four (4) hour shift will be assessed a fee of $150 per family. For the Parents/Guardians of exhibitors who choose not to work, a $150.00 payment will be collected at Online Registration or Tag in/Tattoo. If the payment is not made at registration and an opt out option is decided at a later date, the $150.00 payment must be made by April 1st. Checks made payable to NYF and mailed to Needville Youth Fair, P.O. Box 237, Needville, Texas 77461.

If payment is not received by check-in the exhibitor will forfeit the right to show. Failure to comply with the Parent Work Rule may also forfeit the right to future participation in the NYF.

Send payments to:
Needville Youth Fair 
PO Box 237
Needville, Texas  77461-0237 

Please click on link below to enter Sign-Up Genius:

Thank you and see you at the Fair!


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Online Registration
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